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110 Avenue Cyrille Besset
Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, 06100


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Nothing but happiness! Vali is a very sweet and charming therapist, and most important of all, she can listen to her patients. Using this Bowen therapeutic method, Vali managed to put an end to a 10 year suffering period - Fibromyalgia, and she gave me back the joy of life.

I thank her from the bottom of my heart and strongly recommend this method.

- Danielle S., 64 years old, 06 17 64 50 14, October 2018

Hi Vali, we are now back home in Australia, a 25 hour trip. I just wanted to thank you for your treatments, I have been doing the exercises that you recommended and I am sure they are helping as I have been really good since my last treatment with you.

You really saved our holiday because I couldn’t have carried on without your help and when we made the first appointment Roger was ready to contact our travel agent and change our bookings, so you saved our holiday for which we cannot thank you enough.
— Julie S.,, July 2018
I discovered Vali Grigore and the Bowen method almost one year ago for problems of stress, blood pressure and sleep troubles.

From the first session and as well after, I felt an improvement and a comfort. I finished a therapy of 6 sessions for a neck, back and shoulder and the results are really remarkable, I feel a great comfort, physical rehabilitation with a position of body transformation.

Concerning Mrs Grigore, I met a charming person, very professional, ready to listen to your problems, who wants to understand your health problems and then to explain what is the Bowen method and its advantages. Very important is the fact that Vali does not insist to accept this therapy and gives to the patient the freedom to continue or to stop the therapy sessions. After each session, she was in contact with me and she was interested to know how I feel. That fact was to me a proof of trust, seriousness and honesty.

It is important also to know that for a good result more sessions are needed. I plan to have this type of therapy 3 to 5 times a year to keep steady benefits.

Thank you, Vali for your kindness and the good and the comfort you bring to the people.
— Didier B., mobile 06 09 96 32 73, June 2018
Initially, my intention to try Bowen technique was because of one my hips which had a permanent movement. For 9 months my kinetotherapist had to put in the right position my hip but that did not last for more than 2-3 days. So, I stopped the kinetotherapy and 2 months ago I started the treatment with Bowen method. I can’t believe that my hip does not have any abnormal movement.

I never believed that this could be possible and even I was thinking of a hip replacement. But only after a few Bowen sessions my hip went correctly into the right position. Even my left leg which was limping went to normal step by step ….

I stopped to practice sport because of my hip movement even at the occasion of small effort like walking the steps. Thanks to Vali Grigore I can climb, I ride the bike, I practice ski and my hip does not move …

I did not feel real effects after the first sessions. But when I finished the 4th session I felt a real improvement and a physical balance. After that session, I feel full of energy and I noticed that my hip is in the right position and does not move anymore.

The Bowen technique makes miracles and it is a pity that it is not known and developed in France. From my point of view I found a solution for my all chronic health problems. I will feel a big relief when my healing process will be over and to see also the other good effects that this technique will bring me.
— Delpeuch Marie, mobile 06 26 13 04 68, March 2018
My experience with Bowen Therapy:
I came to Mme Grigore with severe pain on my back went out and pinched the nerve down my arm.
My first visit I slept better at night finally but my pain was still severe.
Second treatment I came out feeling hardly any pain and the pain continued from time to time but not as severe.
The pain came and went from time to time and I did not need Advil any more.
The third treatment Bowen with Mme Grigore focused on my neck and head was amazing. I came out feeling taller, more centred and lighter.
The pain was nearly gone, just had few twinges that were acceptable.
I thought what a blessing to have found Mme Grigore.
I am so looking forward to my last session.
If you have any problem see this woman, she will solve your problems.
After 4th session: I have not had any pain since my 4th and last treatment as Vali guaranteed me when I saw her first. She lived up to your guarantee! Merci, merci, merci beaucoup!
— Emilietta Ettlin, June 2017,
I was suffering for more than one year because a spur bone on the right heel. The pain was intense early in the morning when I was waking up and also I could not anymore to play tennis. After 6 sessions of Bowen procedure the pain is gone and I can have a normale physical activity.
— J.P. Camus, 47 years old, mobile 06 10 23 47 83
I had a pain in one of my shoulder due to an inflamation of tendinitis type. Because of it I refered to Bowen protocol. After 5 sessions I feel much better, less pain in my shoulder and an equal improvement of my sleep.
— Elodie C., 40 years old, mobile 06 21 64 23 81
I am 92 years of age and I recently discovered the Bowen therapy. I regularly received this kind of treatment and I can say that thanks to it my digestion and high blood pressure problems have gone. Stil I have problems with my joints but Bowen method requires confidence and patience, so I persevere.
— Marie Hutchinson, mobile 06 27 57 41 70
I found out about the Bowen method from my grand mother, after I suffered an emotional shock following the attacks on 14 July 2016. I started to have panic attacks, all day long and unexpectedly. I was suffering up to 5 panic attacks a day.
I couldn’t go out anymore, neither drive or go to work. I was feeling depressed a lot of the time and I felt like I had no energy. Plus, I had lots of negative thoughts. In summary I was struggling.
Right from the first session with Vali, I felt shivers in my body for long periods of time. I was feeling cold but at the same time I was feeling that my body was warming up inside. Slowly slowly, I was starting to feel myself again. For the first time, I felt protected, like in a bubble. I felt well again for the first time after two long months of anguish. My spirit was calm and I felt hungry again, I felt I could laugh, I could go out again and overall I felt re energized. The following week, I returned to my normal life style. After approximately two months, I returned to Vali for another session to consolidate what I have conquered. This method is gentle and efficient.
A big thank you to Mrs Vali Grigore.
— F.G. 26 years, mobile 06 48 94 62 47
I’ve tested the Bowen method and it was a great experience. From the first session I felt an improvement in my general well being and a real ease of my joints pain at hands / wrists. I have only one desire - to continue this gentle method and to advise everyone to try it! Even if the Bowen method has not yet responded to all my expectations, after a few sessions to it rebalanced my body gave me a well-being feeling. I’ll continue the sessions in order to treat my chronic tendonitis and I have faith in this effective method.
For two weeks I had screaming high headaches 24h out of 24h . The drugs were not working. However, after a Bowen treatment (one session), my pains have disappeared. The treatment is painless and I was even able to relax during the session.
A state of deep relaxation without sleepiness... as if I had just woken up... all “new”. The relaxation was both physical and mental .
Thank you for this treatment. My general physical and mental state have improved. I think I can solve all my health problems by continuing this treatment. I look forward to continue our sessions.
I’ve requested a meeting (to treat my pain in the left shoulder). The method proved to be beneficial for my body. The shoulder pain had diminished considerably and my condition has improved. Also, my back pain disappeared. Thank you for this treatment.
Thank you to Ms. Grigore for the Bowen therapy sessions. First I’ve consider it a relaxation method, but I’ve soon realised that this therapy was much more than that. I found a great energy and optimism . Furthermore, I have identified a few minor health problems that were resolved through therapy. After just one session my headaches disappeared already and after 3 sessions my discomfort in the elbow joints too! I will follow confidently other Bowen treatment sessions when my body needs to be rebalanced.
After my first session (to treat my chronic hip and knee pain) I have found that I felt much better, I was able to sleep without taking pain killers. I plan to do more sessions because even if today I still feel discomfort, I can do without taking anti-inflammatory pills, and I feel so much better! The sessions are painless and very relaxing.
— JEANNE G. - septembre 2017
Following a persistent muscle pain at my right shoulder, I have decided to try this method (I did not knew about it). It is true that there is not so much manipulation as with a Kine, but it took just a single session for the pain to go away. I will soon return to treat my back with great expectations. To be continued.
— THIBAULT JG, tél : 06 82 23 84 73
I’ve recently learned about the Bowen Technique thanks to Ms. Vali Grigore and I’ve found it an interesting concept . Going through a long period of stress and emotional problems, I’ve decided to try this treatment. After 5 weekly sessions the results are surprisingly good - I find myself in a remarkable physical and mental shape. Additionally, it is probably the most elegant, relaxing and non-invasive form of therapy possible! I honestly recommend it to anyone - especially as it covers a very wide range of disorders. Thank You!
I have been a long term fan of Bowen therapy, having had it suggested to me by my Doctor in Australia many years ago. I had the treatment at a time when I suffered accute pains throughout my back and my neck, and constant headaches that no painkiller would really fix. Intensive chiropractic and massage sessions also failed to make an improvement. I was amazed and thrilled then to discover how effective it was in eliminating all sorts of niggly pains, as well as loosening up my neck and back and leaving me pain free for the first time in years.

This is the power of Bowen Therapy!

Now that I live near Nice, I was delighted to discover Vali, and experience her treatment. Her Bowtech training is the same school of training that I had experienced in Australia (the home of Bowen!) and he treatments and methodology have been great. Her manner and her calmness provides a wonderfully peaceful haven with which to have the treatment, and the result for me has been a release of tension through my body, allowing my neck to free up and an increase in energy.

I highly recommend Bowtech treatments, and I highly recommend Vali!
— Louise Clark, Beaulieu sur mer, France
Having had a traumatic child birth and a very stressful first few months of my child’s life, I came to see Vali to help me manage stress better. Vali helped me to relax physically and she also supported my emotional wellbeing. She is not only a very skilled Bowen therapist but she is fantastic at listening. She helped me to clarify things in my mind and she offer support when I needed it and the way I needed it. Vali is a caring and professional therapist and I have gained a lot by having her my therapist. I generally feel better in my body and emotionally and mentally I feel more stable, able to face the everyday challenges of looking after a baby and last but not least start to enjoy life again.
— Kati V. 38 years old,
I have met Vali at a difficult point in my life. I have suffered with migraines, back pain as well as shoulder pain. I felt very tiered and under a lot of stress. Vali proposed that I try the treatment. So I have learnt about the effectiveness of her method. I am completely satisfied wIth the gentle approach of
her treatment.
After only the fourth session I felt much better. All my pains have disappeared and I felt a lot less stressed. During this treatment my perturb menstrual cycle has returned to being normal. After a few weeks past I have returned to Vali to treat a gynecological problem which got resolved in only one or two sessions.
I am very pleased to have Vali as my therapist. She is very gentle, good at listening and very gifted in what she does.
— Carole D, 43 ans, tel 06 64 83 55 98
My knees used to hurt, I looked up for solutions to relief the pain. A friend advised me to see a Bowen therapist. After two sessions of Bowen technique, the pain disappeared, I could start again doing sports and I feel very well. Not only that I am very satisfied of this therapy, but I highly recommend it.
— Cedric B. 28 ans, tel. 06 63 42 90 59
Thank you, Mrs. Grigore, for initiating me to the Bowen therapy. Your care and treatment have ridden my skin of a debilitating rash.
— Y.R. 65 ans tel. : 06 15 02 59 15
I accidently discovered Bowen method. I never did hear of it. My worry: the sleep.
For more than 20 years my nights are short. Waking up over night happens every single night.
Two 2 years I tried sucker acupuncture to solve this sleeping disorder. The results were good, but, unfortunately did not last.
After the first Bowen session my body felt already some signs of improvement. Now, after one month and 4 session of Bowen I seep like a baby.
Hoping that this improvement will be permanent I would be happy to inform you in few months time.
Thanks to Vali, I had the chance to meet a nice person who was listening to my problem and carefully watch my evolution.
Please, don’t hesitate to contact me.
— Delphine,
My experience with Bowen Therapy

I came to Mme Grigore with severe pain on my back went out and pinched the nerve down my arm.
My first visit I slept better at night finally but my pain was still severe.
Second treatment I came out feeling hardly any pain and the pain continued from time to time but not as severe.
The pain came and went from time to time and I did not need Advil any more.
The third treatment Bowen with Mme Grigore focused on my neck and head was amazing. I came out feeling taller, more centered and lighter.
The pain was nearly gone, just had few twinges that were acceptable.
I thought what a blessing to have found Mme Grigore.
I am so looking forward for my last session.
If you have any problem see this woman, she will change your problems.
— Emilietta Ettlin -
After my baby delivery in 2013 I had some problems in my abdomen. An intense and permanent pain in my perineum and rectum and also a big tension in my perineum. This permanent pain was an obstacle to re-start my daily sportive activity, my walking as I was performing before my pregnancy.
The allopath medicine could not do too much for me, the alternative being a surgery or another pregnancy that could eventually put everything in the right place. I did not want any of them.
Thanks to Doula from Nice “Floriane” I was recommended Bowen and from the first sessions I felt the difference and the benefits. I was able to start again my daily walking and I do not have anymore this permanent tension.
Many thanks to Vali for these sessions, kindness and good will.
— Aurore M., 34 ans, Tel. 06 79 62 55 32
What wonder !

I was in a lamentable status before I discovered Bowen therapy. Fortunately, I have a Bowen therapist close by Nice.

I have problems with my back, my neck, my shoulders, my legs, etc. since I was junior. I practiced physical sports like Canadian football, lacrosse, rugby, baseball, hockey on ice and hockey on grass, high speed alpine ski. I had so many accidents and I am surprised that I still can walk without difficulty.

When I have discovered Vali Grigore - my Bowen therapist, the month of August/September when it was planned to have a surgery intervention on my lumbar vertebras for sciatic nerve. I received Bowen therapy between September and December 2017.

At the beginning of the Bowen therapy I had an important problem with my sciatic nerve. After the second session of therapy I had a deep reaction in my body, the sciatic pain was less though it still exists. It is difficult to exactly describe how Bowen therapy helped me on my health problems but now I can carry on activities without pain which was almost impossible before this therapy.

To me, Bowen therapy is an intervention that I would recommend without any doubts to everybody. The therapy is very gentle and you can think that nothing could happen but wait and see, the results come in force when you do not expect them.

Vive Bowen !
— Duncan R. Tel 0675 13 93 25 / janvier 2018